Another Waste of Money

A School Board communicates its goals, priorities, and expectations in a document called The Strategic Plan. This document is very important because it is the tool that the school board uses to direct the school administration in its activities such as setting budget, hiring decisions, instructional planning, etc. For example, if the board thinks its a priority to have a STEM lab in every school, the administration would plan for it, hire qualified teachers and allow for it in the budget. Then, the school board evaluates the progress by way of the previously-determined key performance indicators. The board holds the superintendent accountable for the progress.

Such a document was developed and adopted by the board in 2015. It can be seen at It’s an excellent document setting forth goals and strategies.

Was it ever used?

Look at page 42, “Key Performance Indicators.” These are the benchmarks by which the district evaluates its success. You will see the Annual Targets listed as “TBD.” That stands for “To Be Determined.” Keep reading through page 54. Most of the targets are “TBD.” This was produced in 2015 and five years later they have yet to be defined.

Now the district has hired a new Director of Strategic Planning who is working on developing a new strategic plan. I hope the district makes better use of this one.

“Foundations for Excellence,” Manatee County Public Schoold 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

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