Big Decisions Facing the School Board

In November 2020 there may be a new slate of board members. The seats that are up for election are currently occupied by Dave Miner (the seat that I am seeking) and Gina Messenger. The remaining three seats that are occupied by Scott Hopes, James Golden, and Charlie Kennedy will be determined in an election in 2022.

Decisions made during the next four years will impact the district for years to come:

  • Because of Covid-19, schools and distance learning will change for the foreseeable future. This will affect decisions about teaching methods, budgeting resources, and school building setup.
  • Funding is likely to be reduced because of Covid-19. This is likely to change budgets affecting every activity of the district.
  • The current board has approved a capital plan that exceeds the resources available to complete all of the projects. This will require decisions prioritizing the projects and determining whether they should be financed with debt.
  • The Superintendent’s contract requires by December 31, 2020, the board and Mrs. Saunders declare their intentions to extend the contract when it expires on June 30, 2021. This means that the board will have to launch a search for a new superintendent or begin negotiation of her new contract.
  • In a special election on March 20, 21018. the voters of Manatee County approved a 1-mill property tax for four years. This will have to go back to the voters in a referendum to continue it for another four years. The board will decide if it will once again pay for a special election and it will make decisions about how the proceeds are to be used.

I am a fiscal conservative, a CPA, and long-time member of the board’s audit committee. I have the knowledge and commitment to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money and will advocate for the students and staff.

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