Bradenton Herald: “Third candidate enters race for Miner’s seat on Manatee County School Board”

“Citing an annual financial report, Foreman said the district increased its administrative positions from 210 to 362 between 2013 and 2019, an increase of 72 percent.

In the same time frame, Manatee increased its instructional positions from 2,861 to 3,545, an increase of about 24 percent.

“I think it gives you an idea of where they are willing to spend money,” she said.”

Sarasota Herald Tribune: “CPA files to run for Manatee School Board”

“Foreman said the main thing that sets her apart from Boyes is her background. She said the Manatee board, which already has two former teachers in Charlie Kennedy and Gina Messenger, and two attorneys in James Golden and Dave Miner, needs more diversity when it comes to backgrounds.”